Restart mysql replication after hard shutdown

We have an “A-B” replication set up. The power went down (boss flipped the wrong breaker). When the servers came back up, replication was broken.

The SQL thread was running fine, but the I/O thread would not start.

I found this stackoverflow answer: mysql-slave-i-o-thread-not-running. Luxknight007 seemed to have the answer for my case, as I knew this wasn’t a permissions issue. His answer, voted up several times, indicated the following method of fixing the issue:

But which bin log and which position? When I went to the bin log folder on the A (master) server (you can find this in the my.cnf file as the log-bin configuration), I found one log file that was smaller than all of the others and had a last modified date at about the point where the power had been cut, so that was clearly the correct point.

I used to read mysqlbinlog program to read the end of the log, and just picked the last end_log_position. I did remove the RESET SLAVE command as it would only wipe out all of the relay logs and there was no need to do this in my case.

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